Server Grand Opening - Read This.

Server Grand open will be in 18. of April at 20:00 (+2GMT)

First 100 Accounts will receive 5000 credits in webshop panel. 

N.B! If you gonna make multi account, you not gonna get 2x or 3x times Credits, just one time. So please dont make fake accounts to get free Credits.

We are really sorry about all old accounts, characters & stuff like that, but we needed to reopen server. Anyone who payed for credits will receive them back. 

About server, server gonna have some custom maps like Devias, Lorencia, Noria, Tarkan, Dungeon and much more maps. For now we gonna put smaller experience which you can see down where is all server MAIN information. Also we have changed maximum stats from 32k to 65k (65535) What else, coming weekly Castle Siege, Siege will be every Sunday at 19:00 (+2GMT) Latvia time. What can i say, there will be many changes, so be patient and wait for server reopen. Everyone will get some small suprise from us. There will be more information about server special configuration. 


  • Version: Season6 Episode3 PREMIUM.
  • Exeperience: 3500x
  • Item Drop Rate: 65%
  • Exe Item Drop Rate: 20%
  • Items +Luck Drop Rate: 45%
  • Items +Skill Drop Rate: 45%
  • Exe Items +Luck Drop Rate: 18%
  • Exe Items +Skill Drop Rate: 18%
  • Points Per Level: 5/6/7
  • Max Stats: 65535
  • Max Level: 400
  • Max Master Level: 200
  • Guild Create Level: 380
  • Elf Buff Till: 180 Level


  • Normal Party 2 ExpBonus: 200x
  • Normal Party 3 ExpBonus: 240x
  • Normal Party 4 ExpBonus: 260x
  • Normal Party 5 Expbonus: 300x
  • Set Party 3 ExpBonus: 260x
  • Set Party 4 ExpBonus: 300x
  • Set Party 5 ExpBonus: 340x


  • Making +10 Item Rate: 80%
  • Making +11 Item Rate: 75%
  • Making +12 Item Rate: 70%
  • Making +13 Item Rate: 60%
  • Making +14 Item Rate: 55%
  • Making +15 Item Rate: 50%


  • Imperial Fort Event
  • Double Goer (Doppelganger)
  • Castle Siege
  • Loren Deep
  • CryWolf
  • Devil Square (1-7)
  • Blood Castle (1-8)
  • Chaos Castle (1-7)
  • Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
  • Rabbits Invasion
  • Pouch of Blessing Invasion
  • Golden Monster Invasion
  • White Wizard Invasion
  • Battle Soccer
  • Kalima (1-7) Event
  • Kanturu Event
  • LaCleon Event
  • Last Man Stating Event (Custom)
  • Illusion Temple Event


  • VIP System (For more info visit our community forum.)
  • Socket System.
  • Market System.
  • Refferal System.
  • Off-Trade System.
  • Off-Levelling System.
  • Auto Party System.
  • Gens System.
  • Buffer Bot System.
  • Chaos Card System.
  • Credits exChange to wCoins System. (For more info visit our community forum.)
  • Grand Reset System (150rr = 30k Credits.)
  • No Jewels in shops.
  • In Webshop online +6 Option items.
  • No Socket Options in Webshop.
  • No Harmony Options in Webshop.
  • Skill for All Classes in shops.
  • Custom Monster spots in every map. (For more info visit our community forum.)
  • New locations for some of NPC. (For more info visit our community forum.)

For more information about server configurations, please visit our community forum, there you can find everuthing about server / client / webpage. See you soon in our GameServer. MUMASTERS Administration.

Posted14 / 04 / 2018Byadmin

Currently this is only one server.